Frequently Asked Questions

Zhiyang On Demand Packaging solutions are designed to meet your specific packaging requirements. The Packsize Box Library provides a comprehensive repository of cubing solutions for an infinite number of box size. Need a box for a golf ball? We can do that. Need it for a golf cart? We can do that too.

We place the machine right on the pack line. The Z-type continuous corrugated cardboard is fed through the back of the machine, and then the equipment cuts, creases, and scores the Z-fold to the exact specifications based on dimensional data that was entered. Product dimensions can be input manually, with a scanner, or through an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Can be made into almost any FEFCO-style box. FEFCO is regarded as the international standard guide to cardboard box designs, of which there are many.

The machine footprints for our various machines range from 45 square feet to 150 square feet.

It depends on the machine(s) and your specific box requirements. We design custom solutions to accommodate your required takt rate.

We provide the equipment to make boxes at little or no capital cost in exchange for a commitment from you to buy the corrugated  material from us on a subscription basis.

We have a 24-7 support hotline with regional clusters of field service engineers who provide technical support. Most customer calls are resolved remotely over the phone. If an engineer needs to be dispatched, they can be dispatched from a nearby location.

Because our solutions are customized, we can install as many machines as you need to accommodate your demand for speed and volume.

A typical supply agreement is initially 24 to 48 months with an automatic extension.