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Automatic Surgical Face Mask Machine
Manufacturer & Solution Provider

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Automatic Surgical Face Mask Machine
Manufacturer & Solution Provider


Automatic face mask machine to produce the finished surgical face mask, disposable respirators & masks,and welding by ultrasonic.
Speed: 80-100pcs/min;  3 month in Delivery(due to Force Majeure incidents)

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Application areas:

Production of disposable medical flat masks laminated with three layers of fabric.[/cz_title][vc_empty_space][cz_title id="cz_48612"]

Technical characteristics:

  1. The top layer, filter layer, and bottom layer of three rolls of fabric are automatically aligned and fed.The two sides are continuously rolled by the ultrasonic system.The nose clip is automatically cut & fed into the underlying fabric, and the first step of pressing and merging is cut into a single fabric at the same time;
  2. After the lamination is completed, the conveying line is sent into two automatic welding ear belt devices in a one-to-two manner;
  3. The earband is automatically welded through automatic cutting, clamping, handling and positioning, and ultrasonic welding.
  4. After the welding, the mask will automatically goes to the next process.
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Main technical parameters of the equipment:


Type Three-layer flat medical mask, surgical mask
Specifications 175mmx95mm
Production speed 80 ~ 100 pieces / min
Applicable materials pp non-woven composite fiber
Layers of cloth 3 layers
Composite approach Ultrasonic welding
Operation method HMI control system
Demand pressure 0.6Mpa
equipment power 10KW
Application Power 220V/50HZ
Equipment size 5000mmx6000mm
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Main Configuration:


Serial number name Brand
1 Servo motor Delta / Huichuan
2 Control System Zhiyang Intelligence
3 Ultrasonic generation system Zhiyang 220v, 50hz, 2kw
4 Sensor OMRON
5 Pneumatic components SMC
6 Belt Bando / Sansaka
7 HMI Delta /Huichuan  7inch
8 Stepper motor Resai
9 Bearing NSK
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